Frequently asked questions

What is Buildnow?

Buildnow is the first company in Saudi Arabia providing the Build Now Pay Later solution, funding the purchase of raw materials on credit.

Why Buildnow?

Buildnow is 13X faster than traditional credit. Our terms are designed for the construction sector. And we don't need collateral.

What is the method of requesting materials on credit?

You must first register and on board on to the Buildnow portal. Once you are approved, you may request for credit for the purchase and supply of any raw materials through the Buildnow portal itself.

How much do you charge?

Our pricing depends on a number of risk factors and differs on a case-by-case basis.

How long is the onboarding process?

Once all the requested documents are uploaded correctly, we take 2 working days to finalize the onboarding.

How long does the credit approval take?

Approval of credit takes 3 working days provided all the correct information and documents are provided.

How long does it take to process payments?

Payments are processed within 24 hrs of approval.

What are the minimum & maximum credit limits?

We fund a minimum purchase of SAR 100,000 and a maximum of SAR 1,000,000 of credit per transaction.

Is Buildnow shariah compliant?

All activities carried out by Buildnow are in accordance with the provisions of Shari'ah law.

What is the minimum acceptance criteria for credit?

Valid Saudi Commercial Registration. Minimum of one full year of operations. Minimum of SAR 4,000,000 in revenue.

What collateral does Buildnow require?

Buildnow does not take collaterals from SMEs. Buildnow typically requires an owner's promissory note.

When do I pay back Buildnow?

Buildnow accepts a one-time payment after the agreed credit duration has concluded. We do not accept part payments. We offer between one and six months of credit.

Who do I contact if I have any issues?

All communications are done via the Buildnow portal. In case of any technical issues, you may contact

Can I get my approved credit amount in cash?

No, Buildnow only offers to facilitate the purchase of your requested items on credit.

Will you require an additional guarantor?

No, you will not require a guarantor to work with Buildnow.

Can a non-Saudi company (investor) apply for credit?

Yes, you must first register on the Buildnow portal.

Can I get credit if I have commitments with local banks?

You can. The details will depend on your credit score/payment history.

Is there a discount for early payment?

No, we don't currently offer any such facility.

Can I request credit from the Buildnow website without visiting your office?

Yes! It is possible to get approved without having to ever visit our office.

Do you provide credit for establishments?

Yes, as long as your documents match our criteria.

Why was my request denied?

You're most likely non-compliant with our conditions. We encourage you to get in touch and try again.

Who do I contact if I have an issue?

All communications are done via the Buildnow portal. In case of any technical issues, you may contact You may also contact us through WhatsApp via the link on our website or in the portal, or by calling 0563220640.

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