"With bulk material supply on credit, they really helped us maxamize our progress on site"

Sarwar Ali
RS Infratech

RS Infratech (RS) Saudi Ltd. is a general contractor with a mission to support Vision 2030 and build the new Saudi Arabia. They specialize in executing time-bound, cost-effective, and quality construction projects in the housing, infrastructure, and industrial sectors. Some of their notable projects include -

  • Ajeej Steel Expansion - Industrial Project
  • Hail Downtown Development - Infrastructure works
  • Al Jawhara Hosuing Project - Residential Project

RS Infratech has recently started using new construction technology to build houses. This allowed them to cast two villas per day. However, this speed of execution had to be matched by the timely availability of materials.


While working on their 1200+ housing units project in Al Ahsa using the said technology, RS Infratech faced a major problem. Their team of 900+ skilled personnel was trained and optimized to execute, but they were limited by the amount of steel they could purchase at a given time. The material causing this hindrance was deal. Steel is primarily dealt on cash terms, which meant they needed to furnish large sums of cash at every purchase. This was not always possible given their cash cycles and payment terms with their client. This hindrance resulted in a slower pace of construction, which affected the credibility of the company with its stakeholders.


That's when Buildnow came in to save the day. Buildnow.sa ensured the availability of steel in bulk for RS Infratech, enabling them to maximize their workforce output and build faster by building more units simultaneously. This meant that their fixed resources such as that of Project Managers, Engineers and Site office were better utilized.

The process of onboarding, assessing, and getting the materials delivered was done 100% digitally and in just 9 days.

The Outcome

Buildnow worked with their favorite suppliers to get RS Infratech the required steel products on 90-day credit terms, which allowed them to use their fixed overhead costs such as manager salaries better distributed over the unit cost, resulting in major savings.

RS Infratech was so impressed with Buildnow's solution that they kept coming back for more throughout the project cycle. Buildnow enabled them to purchase many more materials from their preferred suppliers of waterproofing chemicals, windows, doors, aluminium, and more worth 6+ million SAR in bulk and on credit terms tailored for their cash cycles.

Buildnow thereafter supported RS on multiple projects, including:

  • Al Jawhara Housing Project - 1100 Townhouses
  • Al Zahra Housing Project - 180 Villas
  • Al Rabwa Housing Project - 32 Luxury Villas

RS Infratech has seen a 3% increase in efficiency. They have ordered more then 2000 tonnes of steel on credit, allowing them to build faster and build more.

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