"They allowed us to capture huge opportunities that might otherwise have been lost"

Md. Shah
Rukn Tabareej

Rukn Al-Tbareej, also well known as RATAAL, is an emerging aluminium fabrication factory based in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They specialize in designing, manufacturing, supplying, and installing various aluminium products including windows, doors, louvers, curtain walls, and aluminium cladding. They have worked on several notable projects including:

  • Ajdan tower - Khober Corniche
  • Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospitals - Several locations
  • Al Othaim Mall - Several locations
  • Lulu Mall - Several locations


In 2023, Rukn Al-Tbareej simultaneously won several major projects. One particular project for Al Bawani Construction Co. involved the fabrication and installation of aluminium cladding for one of Saudi Telecom Company (STC)’s buildings in Riyadh. As a manufacturer, this was a huge opportunity given the size of the order - it would allow them to really ramp up production and optimize their fixed costs. Aluminium was their major input and was mostly purchased on cash. The problem was that their cash was engaged in other active projects, which left them with a difficult conundrum: lose the huge opportunity presented by Al Bawani, or remove cash from their other projects which would hamper the delivery of their existing orders?


Rukn Al-Tbareej reached out to Buildnow.sa through a referral. They applied digitally in under 3 minutes, without needing to visit an office. They got approved for 700,000 SAR worth of credit to buy the raw materials they needed, and they’d be able to pay back after 6 months. They used it to purchase aluminium as well as other raw materials required from multiple sources.

The Outcome

By partnering with Buildnow, Rukn Al-Tbareej were able to improve their:

  • Direct margins - by saving on volume purchases with 100% cash payments and
  • Indirect margins - optimizing the use of their fixed assets by increasing production

They used the entire amount to buy materials for the STC Project, which allowed them to speed up the project significantly. Seeing the value add of Buildnow, Mr. Shah (CEO)  commented: “Having allowed us to capture huge opportunities that might otherwise have been lost, we’ve really seen the value Buildnow brings. We’re hoping for a fruitful and long-lasting partnership that allows us to continue growing and delivering great work for our customers.”

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