"Buildnow understood our business and provided a solution for short-term and long-term success"

Talal Al Shammari

Jawaher Al Hadid is a fabricator and trader of steel rebars in Riyadh. They are based in Al Sulay, south of Riyadh, where they have their warehouse and fabrication facilities. Jawaher purchases steel rebars in large volumes from major manufacturers such as Modern Steel, Sabic Steel, and Al Rajhi Steel. Then, they either…

  • trade it further in smaller volumes to their customer base of smaller retailers or contractors
  • cut & bend it at the contractors’ request and supply it directly to site for installation

In the latter case, they earn better margins as this allows them to add more value to the product.


Steel rebar prices are very volatile and vary with international market indexes. Given the variable nature of the commodity, Jawaher primarily sells on cash and avoids giving credit. This means their success depends on how frequently they can turn around their working capital and thereby:

  1. Limit risk related to price volatility
  2. Increase profits by working with larger volumes

Alternatively, another way for Jawaher to improve its margins was to sell more with the added service of cut & bend. However, this meant increasing their facility’s capacity which needed a big lumpsum investment for:

  • Purchasing fixed assets
  • Working capital to buy more raw materials


Modern Factory, a major manufacturer of steel and a Buildnow partner vendor, reached out with an introduction to Jawaher Al Hadid. Buildnow’s team worked to thoroughly understand their problem and come up with a full solution. Buildnow offered Jawaher:

  • SAR 900,000 worth of credit to purchase additional stock
  • SAR 3,500,000 worth of credit to purchase the required materials and machinery to increase their cut & bend capacity

The solution enabled Jawaher to:

  1. Immediately use the additional inventory to increase the volume of their sales and profits
  2. Set up a facility to expand their cut & bend capacity and capture more high-margin orders
  3. Use the additional raw materials to feed their machines the raw materials needed to run the factory at scale

The Outcome

Buildnow's approach of thoroughly understanding Jawaher's problem and providing a comprehensive solution that ensures long-term success was highly appreciated by their CEO, Mr. Talal Al Shammari. In his words, "Buildnow took the time to understand our business and the potential at hand, and furnished a solution that not only provides a significant boost in the short term but also establishes a strong foundation for long-term success."

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