"Buildnow really sped things up for us in procuring bulk raw materials on credit"

Mohammed Aouni

Renewable Lighting Factory for Industry (RLCO) is a reputable company that provides high-quality external lighting products across Saudi Arabia. In 2008, RLCO was established in Saudi Arabia and has since been providing quality products and services on time, which has made them a popular choice among clients. Their strong company profile and list of approvals from entities such as is a testament to their standards.

  • NEOM
  • Ministry of Transport (MOT)


RLCO needed to purchase steel in volume for the King Abdullah Intl Airport project. However:  

  1. they did not have the free cash flow needed to do so
  2. they could not depend on attaining a bank loan given the slow nature of its process
  3. they were not getting the required credit terms from their suppliers


RLCO registered on buildnow.sa and applied to purchase steel worth SAR 700,000.  Their full request of SAR 700,000 was approved for the supply of steel products on a 3-month credit period. This allowed them to take the first order for their factory worth SAR 166,000 and start production. They further took two orders worth SAR 460,000 for materials that were promptly delivered to the Jizan Airport project for fabrication and installation.

The Outcome

The materials that were delivered to Jizan helped RLCO speed up the work, and the manager at the project expressed his gratitude, saying, “Buildnow really sped things up, and we’re looking forward to using Buildnow again in the future to continue improving our work and our reputation.”

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